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Event date in Lithuania:
Vaidila Theater
A. Jakšto st. 9 
Registration fee: 
30 EUR*

The purpose of the championship: choose the best of 2022 wine and dessert pair in Lithuania.

The European Championship is expected to be held in the spring of 2023 in Tokai, Hungary or another partner country. 


  1. Participants: pairs of chefs and sommeliers, individual participants. The number of members of the team is unlimited.

  2. The maximum number of participants is 20 teams. If more teams register, the organizers reserve the right to pre-selection based on the content of the application or upon request to provide additional information.

  3. Participants must use their own plates, glassware, and tools. At least 14 days before the competition, the organizers have the right to provide something from plates, glass, tools, and serving equipment, if it is a product of the sponsor of the championship. In that case, participants must use the tools provided.  The organizers provide a preparation table in the competition hall.

  4. Basic kitchen equipment will be available at the competition venue: refrigerator, freezer, and electric stove. It is provided by the organizers two hours before the start of the competition.

  5. The competition in Lithuania will take place in 2022 on November 7th (Monday) at 1 p.m., in Vaidila Theater (A. Jakšto St. 9, Vilnius).  

  6. Registration of participants takes place until October 20th by filling out the registration form below. After filling out the form, each participant will receive an advance invoice to pay the participation fee, which is 30 EUR (without VAT). If you are considering participating but wish to register later, inform the organizers by e-mail:


  1. Each competitor (team) must prepare 9 portions of wine and food pairs (7 units for the judges, 1 for the photo session and 1 for the audience).

  2. During the contest, the participants prepare at the appointed time in the place provided by the organizers.

  3. Each combination is presented publicly in front of the commission and in front of the audience. The delivery time is not limited, there are no requirements for the wine. Presentation language: English or local.

  4. The teams take care of presenting the pairings to the judges, the photographer and the audience. 


Evaluation criteria:

  • 70 % combination of appearance, taste and smell of wine and desserts;

  • 25 % justification of wine selection;

  • 5 % presentation professionalism and artistry.

Evaluation criteria can be modified no later than 14 days before the day of the championship. 

The  jury consists of 7 members, one of whom is appointed as the chairman of the jury. The jury is appointed by the organizers. The jury consists of experts from the wine or food industry, food and wine journalists, independent experts, educators, as well as foreign representatives and representatives of partners and sponsors.

The winners are selected after summing up the evaluations of the jury.  

In the championship, in addition to prize places, special nominations are also awarded:

  • The most local dessert

  • The lightest pairing

  • The best wine of the competition

  • Audience sympathy

Other nominations can be announced no later than 14 days before the start of the championship. When choosing the winners of special nominations, the organizers reserve the right to use other interested persons (sponsors, sommeliers, confectioners, spectators, etc.)


The winning team is awarded the title of Wine and Dessert Lithuania 2022 or Wine and Dessert Europe 2022 champion. Winners of special nominations are also awarded.  ​

Please note that there will be filming and photography during the event. In the registration form, by agreeing to the rules of participation, you agree that your photos, pairing photos and names will be used for communication later on.

Want to participate? Register here:

Equipment required during competition

Thank you, your registration has been received!

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